Excellent design may be at the heart of both disruptive and long-term commercial success in physical, service, and digital environments. Given the fast growth in customer expectations driven by companies like Amazon; immediate access to worldwide information and reviews; and the blurring of borders between hardware, software, and services, only the greatest designs today stand out from the herd. As a result, companies now require more powerful design skills than ever before!


To build engaging digital experiences, our Digital team blends user-centered design with exceptional business expertise and world-class agile development skills. Our talented designers, digital engagement managers, and agile developers create service concepts, experiential prototypes, and go-to-market solutions to help clients improve their organizations.


At Inletware, we bring together a diverse group of designers and innovators that are enthusiastic about getting inside our clients’ heads and pushing design skills to the forefront of business choices, impact, and outcomes! We allocate a professional analyst, a UI/UX designer, and a technical team to each workshop to ensure that your ideas are fully realized with the most relevant and technically advanced solutions.


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    Discovery Session

    Identifying requirements and vision of the solution with elaborated brainstorming sessions.


    UI/ UX Design

    Crafting beautiful screen designs to create a visually appealing interface of relevant screens.


    User Journeys & Wireframes

    Designing information architecture with key modules and activities in a logical hierarchy.


    Handover & Feedback

    We absolutely look forward to client feedback and iterations to run for finalizing the look and feel.

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