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Our teams have linked hundreds of various IoT devices to a range of cloud infrastructure providers, including industry giants AWS, GCP, and Azure. With proven and established methodology and an agile strategy that promotes questioning data storage, transmission, and security demands, they assist organisations like yours in making the appropriate cloud decisions so that their cloud infrastructure delivers for their customers and their business.


The cloud provides considerable advantages over traditional solutions for data storage, processing, and computing, whether it is a single class of IoT devices or a network of multiple IoT devices. With the assistance of Inletware, you can connect your IoT devices to the cloud in order to launch quicker, expand more rapidly, exploit the data that you gather and that your customers share, produce a return on investment, and plan for future innovation without breaking the bank.

Your expectations are clear, whether it’s a mass-market wearable, an industrial machine, a linked item for the house, or a new network of IoT sensors ready for a smart city-wide deployment. It must be intelligent, interactive, capable of communicating with other devices, and capable of uploading data to the cloud. That is why you want a competent embedded solution supplier like Inletware!

We employ certified personnel who can interface with different IoT technology providers. For instance, we’ll make sure the companies involved in the project are following all regulations; they can also provide time-saving insights such as robo-audits and regulations compliance reports. This is all relevant for both small and large organizations worldwide looking to implement IoT hardware into their systems.

We provide IoT Solutions for

1. Retail

  • Smart Retail Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory & Warehouse Automation
  • Smart Delivery Management

2. Industrial

  • Complete Factory Automation
  • Smart Warehouse Management System
  • Custom Web and Mobile Apps for Analysis


  • Remote health monitoring
  • Apps for Medical IoT Devices
  • Smart Inventory Management

Smart Home

  • Waste Management
  • Parking Management
  • Home Security Management