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We provide excellent backend development services for web and mobile applications. Our expert developers provide unique REST API services and solutions to make online and mobile apps more dynamic and user-friendly. We have extensive experience developing on-premises as well as cloud-based backend software solutions for mobile, desktop, web, and IoT apps. Our API-driven architecture powers the front end of online and mobile apps. Whereas the robust backend we provide will scale up your app as needed, run quicker, and provide smooth third-party interaction with optimal data storage security.


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    Node JS

    NodeJS is well-known for creating backends for real-time programmes that demand a high volume of traffic or data, as well as code portability across several platforms. Inletware is a premier Node.js development company owing to its consistency in offering creative, resilient, secure, and scalable online and mobile app solutions using node.js development services. Hire Node.js developers from us to create load-bearing infrastructure for heavy-weighted apps.



    We create highly customised enterprise solutions, networking systems, CMS, and other backend solutions for sophisticated B2B applications. Inletware is a renowned PHP Web Development Company in India and the United States, offering a comprehensive range of PHP Web and Application Development Services. Use our PHP programming services to take use of the benefits of this structured open source scripting language for your company website.



    We create unique online, Mobile, and Windows-based software solutions using the .NET framework to provide scalability, security, and high performance. Inletware, a leading ASP.NET web application development firm, offers unique online and eCommerce solutions that use the powerful features and functions of ASP.NET technology. Hire ASP.NET professionals to provide end-to-end ASP.NET web app development services with the highest level of quality and security.



    To create scalable and secure commercial apps, we have hands-on expertise with Java-based frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, JSF, GWT, and others. Inletware is a leading Java Web Application Development Company in India and the United States, offering a comprehensive range of Java Web & Application Development Services. As a prominent Java software development business, we provide customised Java solutions based on technical breakthroughs in the J2EE and J2ME frameworks.



    We employ Python with Django, Flask, Pyramid, and other frameworks to create automation solutions, AI-ML apps, mobile and online GUI apps, and so on. We are the greatest match for developing unique web apps using Python, a strong, versatile, and dynamic programming language. Inletware, a well-known Python web development firm, employs a team of skilled and qualified Python developers. Hire Python developers from Inletware who are well-versed in all of the latest front-end and back-end technologies, Python programming frameworks, and Machine Learning (ML) methods to create and build powerful automated systems.


    Ruby on Rails

    We pioneered RoR development in 2004 with the release of this MVC framework, which allows us to create multi-tasking, scalable programmes. We are simply the best Ruby on Rails (RoR) web development business in India and the United States for developing dynamic websites and apps utilising an open-source Rails framework. Hire RoR experts from Inletware to get complete Ruby on Rails web development services at a low cost.



    For a long time, we've used the Laravel framework to create web apps with expressive and clean syntax. As the most popular PHP framework, we assist you in developing web and corporate level Laravel apps on the MVP architectural platform. You can benefit from all of Laravel's capabilities, including as modular packaging, template engineering, Eloquent ORM, database migration, and unit testing, thanks to our knowledge in the technology.